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About Two Housemates, Some Girls Series 2, Established and more.

Hello all! I hope you’ve been keeping well. 

In this day and age, it is becoming easier and easier to make your own stuff without huge financial investment. With reasonably cheap yet great quality cameras, willing participants and the understanding of story telling, you can really produce some fantastic stuff. Yes, of course it won’t be the greatest quality in comparison to Hollywood but, you shouldn’t have to compare it to the pinnacle, not just yet anyway. It’s all about the experience and having fun! Well, I say that, making it good enough to be proud of is also a huge goal.

So, to talk about something I’m proud of that I’ve made, LOOK AT MY NEW BABY! Kidding, sort of. As many of you are aware of (as I don’t stop talking about it), I’ve been making a show with my good buddy Ryan Watson called ‘Two Housemates’. The reason why I bring it up is because I wanted to show you all a few photos and to say how it’s all going!

The Basis of Two Housemates
The show is an absurd comedy about an introverted actor called Ryan, who is denying his own loneliness even though his friends and family are constantly mentioning it (not based on me, I know I'm lonely... Ladies). As a way to help  pay for the increase in rent, Ryan’s Mother (who is also the one raising the rent), gives Ryan a new housemate. The quirky, happy go lucky, Kate (played by the lovely Lucy Chappell). The episodes follow their developing friendship, as she slowly get’s Ryan out of his shell.

I’ve deliberately made the premise simple, as it allows so much more of a playground to the situations that they get themselves in. It is indeed an absurd comedy but, the whole show is played as natural and fast paced as possible. That way, when something truly absurd is happening, it becomes that much more nuts!

We’re making 6 episodes, they’re called (currently).

EP 1. I’m busy, always busy.

EP 2. Getting to know you.

Ep 3. Ma Douce Cousine Jane Francaises

Ep 4. Cecilie’s Big Time Adventure
Ep 5. Dave “The Bear Killer” Johnson

EP 6. The Ghost of Ryan’s Past.

I haven’t put the synopsis for the episodes down yet, as I like to tease you.

We are hoping to be finished filming in early November and it’ll be available to watch on my personal YouTube channel early December!

Quick Talk on the Experience
We’ve done about 9 filming days so far, with another 4 left until it’s all finished! This wasn’t the original plan, we thought we’d only have to do 9. This and so many more learning curves have really made this one of the greatest experiences I could ever have as somebody who wants to be involved in the entertainment business. As an actor, I really have taken everything that has gone into making a show for granted. Of course, it isn’t our job to think about anything other than the role, direction, where the camera is etc. But, as somebody who has been working as an Actor/Creator/Writer/Producer/Casting Director/White Guy for the web series, it's been one hell of an experience. Even though it's a lot of pressure, I'd definitely do it again. Which I will.

A big thank you is due to everyone who has helped out, who has been in the show and who has showed an interest, I really do appreciate the effort you guys have put in and I am eternally grateful!

I also can’t deny how impossible it’d be to make the show without Ryan, the dude has been a brilliant director/editor, I couldn’t ask for anyone better! The amount of stuff that he has to deal with from me is crazy. The daft, funky and sometimes mental ideas that I’ve thrown at Ryan would easily make any other director terrified, with Ryan, the reaction was always “let’s see what we can do”. Well, maybe he responds with a slightly more worried sound but, it always worked out in the end. Guns can be a great motivator. Seriously though, the guy is fantastic!

Other News

Some Girls
Guys! I went to the screening a few weeks back and watched the 1st ep and the 6th ep of the new series. It’s brilliant! They’ve really upped everything in terms of jokes, storyline and acting. Now that the characters have been established after the first series, they can now play in the world in which Bernadette Davis has created. It’s fantastic and I really strongly implore you to watch it! The premiere for Series 2 starts on the 30th of September at 10pm on BBC Three. I make a little cameo in one of the episodes, won’t say which one but, it was fun to film! 

Which is Witch?
I genuinely have no idea what’s happening just yet! I thought I’d mention it, just so it doesn’t come across as forgotten! 

This looks shiny though, doesn't it?

A little project about Crohns with Cecilie
I’m doing a little photography project with the lovely Cecilie Harris on the subject of Crohns Disease in a few weeks time. If you’re interested in male model photography, do look at her website/buy her latest book.

Established Models
On the subject of my face. I’ve actually joined a modeling agency. I’m not a model obviously but, they’ve taken me on as a ‘Special Booking’, which mean’s I’ll juggle at your funeral, or something (kidding).

They’re all really lovely people and I’m very happy to be in their little family!

My Next Writing Project
The next thing I’m currently working on is two shows that intertwine, they’ll be 6x 10 minute episodes (so 12 episodes). The two shows tell the story of twins coping with being away from each other. The two shows are called “Sex with Thomas Jefferson” and “Therapy with  Bray Jefferson”. And that’s all I can tell you!

I just want to say, if you guys ever want to make anything, you should do it. Even if you think it’s impossible, try, it’ll only be impossible if you don’t attempt. 

We can never have enough people expressing their creative ideas.





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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Series 2 of One on Young, Which is Witch? and Two Housemates.

Well hello!

I hope you’re all well and living life to the full (and other things that those who are trying to be supportive without receiving direct response would say). This blog will be about the second series of my podcast (I’ll also do small updates about 'Which is Witch?', 'Two Housemates' and 'Some Girls' as well).

One on Young
I was genuinely so pleased with how the first series was received that doing a second series was inevitable. The podcast will be coming back on the 6th of June! So, what to expect from this series? FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, YOU SINNERS. Better sound, more guests, more ridiculous games and it’s going to be a whole lot more interactive with you guys. 

And by interactive I mean that I’ll give you a shoulder massage while you listen/will be doing a QNA every podcast. I’ll be answering a few questions during the introduction and if you want, I’ll be asking the guest your questions as well! So, say I announced that Dave will be on the podcast, and if you love Dave, you can send me the question with the demand that you want Dave to answer it. Unless Dave has a restraining order against you, and me asking “how his cat is” would bring up nasty memories for Dave, then, I won’t ask him your question. Here’s an example of how your questions may sound!

“I’ve got a question here from “your twitter name/tumblr name/your actual name” and she asks “does the sound of drowned meowing still haunt your dreams? By the fact that Dave is now in a corner weeping, I’d say yes”.

Also, starting July, I’ll be doing a podcast exclusively for you guys! Every third week I’ll be answering ANY question, I will play ANY game (that requires just one person) and so on! Hell, I might even have an increasingly awkward Skype conversation on air with you!

How can you send in your questions? I hear you say through my listening device, well it’s simple, you just have to convert to the Church of Sean. You can either mention me (@SeanJosephYoung) on Twitter with #AskSeanOOY. Send me a message via my Facebook site, message me on Tumblr or email me at You could also ask me in person, which I will then give you the immediate response of “why are you in my bedroom and how did you get past the dog?”.

So, why don’t you subscribe via iTunes to my podcast before the big DAY (6TH OF JUNE, see what I did there). 

Also, if you’re interested in advertising on the podcast to help me keep it as free as we all felt after finally getting rid of Dave’s cat, email me at

Two Housemates
We start filming my web series on the 7th of June! Ryan and I have done a ridiculous amount of admin in preparation so, filming will feel like a big reward after so much planning. If you’re interested in helping out, in-front or behind camera, do get in contact!

Some Girls
I’m filming the scenes I’m in next week. Very happy to be making a cameo and to see those lovely lovely people.

Which is Witch?
I’ve received my blooper/impro bits and I think they’re awesome. One day I will get permission to show you but, for now, enjoy this behind the scenes video via Max Duhamel.  
Watch out for my incredibly masculine hand sign around the 3 minute mark.

The one with the muscly arms will be my first guest on the podcast (Tim Luxter)! I spent pretty much every day with him for 15 weeks so, imagine the dangerous things we got up to! (We once stayed out until 12 before realizing it’s 12, wild!)
Love you guys x


242a The Ridgeway, Botany Bay,
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

My Big 2013 Update 03/02/2013

This is quite the long one, so I will make this part short (*insert dick joke that'll have you listening to Radiohead while weeping in the shower*). This is a huge update blog about what I’ve been up to, what I’m doing and what I’m going to do. You have no idea how lucky I feel to be given some of these opportunities, so thank you all for your continuing support. Anyway, less mush more reading, good luck!

Some Girls
The episode of the BBC 3 comedy I was in came out on December 6th and it couldn’t of gone better. The reaction was brilliant, especially on the ol' Twatter. As some people find these “behind the scenes” notes quite interesting, I’ve compiled a little one of those for you now. 

  • A thing I did quite a lot with Natasha (who played Holli), to which we now still do over Twitter, is point our fingers at each other. This is a tribute of a brilliant SA who sat with us one day during lunch and would continuously point his fingers at me while laughing after most of the jokes I’d say.
  • The book I was given at the bus stop scene had a fantasy style cover but, the contents inside were actually a collection of short stories about infidelity.
  • The glasses constantly mentioned being of the awful variety throughout the episode were actually my own glasses. These glasses now reside on my face as I write this blog.
  • The wild make out scene between Saz (played by Mandeep Dhillon) was my first day on set. So I was definitely thrown into the pool head-first there (which is a metaphor and not a statement).
  • I’m in the behind the scenes video quite a lot, which is available on iTunes.

Twitter was a great source of entertainment and love throughout the weeks afterwards. I still find it all really surreal but it really means so much to me. To all of you who have said kind words, I will find you all one day and hug you. Anyway, here’s an example of some fantastically funny/sweet comments I received! I love these guys <3!

Praise be to the Mother of Bacon!
I'm coming to Nottingham

Just in case you haven’t seen the episode, here’s the trailer to wet your beak some more (not that I want you to watch it if you do actually have a beak, you long faced badger killer).

Indian Chief not happy

Which is Witch
I will go into this properly on another blog once I’ve finished filming. But for now, I’ll just show you a few photos and tell you a little bit about what I’ve done so far. This show is one of the first tv series to be shot in 3d, which is quite fun to say! I’ve done a whole load of impro, more than I thought I would. Whether any of it makes the final cut, I don’t really know. We will just see nearer the time. Here is 3 examples, from the top of my head, of a bit of impro (which is in red).
Ok, the fairy sidekick is cut. Chop chop get on with ya work, 
come on Jack do your work now! Get closer to the paper!
I want that page to feel your breathe.

Thought so. No need to yell, I'm just doing my job, just spending a little timey timey on my jobby wobby.

Me looking like the high-price prostitute that I am
Another is, after bribing a member of a gossipy girly girl group (played by Emily Hyland, her blog is available here) with lipstick for information, I then grabbed the remaining lipstick and decided to apply it during the scene. The photo from the result is on the right.
I’ve also crowbarred in a catchphrase that started off as a line but then ended up being a little singalong, which is “who needs magic when Gilbert’s in town”. Got it in about 5 episodes so far, I like having fun on set.

I’d be a liar if I didn’t say the most fun I’ve had on this show is scenes that involve impro, it creates such a great vibe when all the actors/crew are having fun. Which can be good as doing 26 episodes in 13 weeks can be/has been very stressful (that’s two episodes a week). It's been a great few months and I wish the actors and the very fun crew all the best for the future.

That’s the most I’ll go into it, for now!

I do love these people (Gia, Tim and Betsy), they've been good fun to work with. The left picture doesn't do justice on how awesome the smoking jacket I'm wearing is. The top right is from shooting on location in a pine forest for the first and last episode. The bottom left is us doing a conference during an episode called "Ruthless Gilbert".  The guy in the middle is an awesome bloke called Bruce, whose always been a highlight when he comes in.

One on Young
To say this went even better then predicted would be, well, correct. I originally did a prediction table that I would get about 400 downloads by December and about 900 by 2013. Well, January came and so did the 10000 download mark. I never in my wildest dreams (and I have some wild dreams, one example being not allowed in Argos because I had a tattoo on my elbow) did I think it would go this well. The feedback has been great and by Django (cinema reference there, tip at the door) am I pleased about how it’s all gone. You never really know how well something will do until you just do it!

And because it has gone so well, series 2 will be even more awesome. I’ll be planning on doing 14 episodes over 14 weeks, with some previous guests from series 1 and some completely new ones. Not only that, I will sometimes be adding musical interludes/3 part radio plays/sketches into them. Either written/sung by the guest, or I will invite a music guest on to perform.

So a big thank you to all my guests for series 1, without you, all of this would seem pointless. Without you all, I’d just be a guy talking. And without those downloading, I'd just be a guy talking to a friend with no one to share their brilliance to.
My main competition, I'm screwed, peacefully.
S1 list

And big love to my buddy Tim Luxter for letting me use his song for the intro! Here's his Soundcloud page

If you’d be interested in being a special guest or a music guest then email me at

A different thing about Which is Witch
I’ve kept this pretty quiet other than inside the inner circles (the name of my Druid/Jazz fusion club). A few months back (or one blog back, I’m about as consistent with these as referees decisions ((*chugs beer, plays with belly button, questions why single*)). But long story short, I was very insistent on being involved in the writers meetings for the last few weeks before leaving for Liege. I had sent the producer a script I wrote for the show (as an example) and emailed him talking of how I would love to be part of the show in the creative way as well. Well, he took a chance on me and let me come to the writers meetings. And well, I got involved. To the point where this happened:

I didn’t think I’d get a full on professional TV writers credit until I was in my 30’s, no matter how persistent my desire to write has been. So having this is a huge stepping stone for me. Another thing is I’ve been promised a complete script of my own if series 2 happens, which I’m very much looking forward to. For this episode, I was part of the barebones, the construction and the creation of pages to be sent to the broadcaster. The script had to be written by the other writer (the lovely man that is Bennett Arron) as I have been filming a very heavy schedule for the last 2 weeks (we had to do 18 scenes on Thursday!) but I have been editing bits, changing stuff and adding gags for the past three days. So you can play the game of, “Sean definitely wrote that bit” once it gets aired! And here’s a little easter egg, the main antagonist for the episode is called Clarissa, which was the name of my imaginary assistant during the pilot of WiW in between takes.

The Two Housemates
I actually did a casting for this at the Pump House in Watford (many thanks to Ryan, Daniel, Rory, Dean and of course the Pump House for helping me out) and I saw some absolutely fantastic people which made it very hard and easy at the same time. So this is one of many projects of mine for 2013!

It’s about a failing thespian becoming the recipient of a new housemate forced upon him by his mother. It’ll be 7 short episodes written and starring myself alongside the very funny and quirky Lucy Chappell. Will there be guest actors? Will there be surreal jokes? Will there be a huge Russian spider? You’ll have to wait, but for now here’s the teaser trailer. Just to warn you, it's explosive and action packed so, you'll have to be ready for that.

The Two Housemates Teaser Trailer from My New Cape Films on Vimeo.

Big props to my buddy Ryan Watson as well who tolerates me while he does all the hard work of editing it while I'm away.

Other Stuff planned for 2013 so far
I’ll also be writing an article for, doing a collaboration short film with Cecilie Harris (going to be needing a female for it) as well planning on making 2 or 3 radio plays and about 7 short films over the year. 

Well done if you managed to read all of it, send your finishing times to me on Twitter! 

To be serious for a brief moment, I have never been more determined/had more drive than I have in the last year. I can’t sit down and do nothing, I’ve got to be out there doing exactly what I want to do, and on my terms. Whether I become famous or not, it truly doesn’t matter in the long run, I’m here to be a success in what I’ve set out to do and I won’t want to stop until I feel complete. Whether that takes a year, 5 years, or my whole life, that’s what I want and believe I will achieve one day. I'm fully aware that I've still got a lot to do and learn but, that's the excitement of it all, isn't it? Other than the drugs and bitches of course (and by that I mean pills for my Crohn's and the eventual Dogs I will own as a 70 year old  whimsical bearded wizard).

If you would like to collaborate/help out/act/sing/make me cupcakes, then email with your enquiry/cupcakes. 

Thank you all for your continuing support, everything would really be so much more difficult without your kind words, your reassurance and your pretty faces.

Sean x


242a The Ridgeway, Botany Bay,
Enfield, Middlesex EN2 8AP

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Life Update 30/10/12. Which is Witch, Some Girls, One on Young.

I am currently in Belgium. Specifically, Liege. The reason is because of an assassination gone wrong (Bruges is actually only about 40minutes away so, will have to visit it soon). I am here filming a series called Which is Witch, a show about a fairy and a witch that arrive in this dimension. It’s a pretty kooky and fun show. We have just finished rehearsal as well as the press photoshoot (I did a ridiculous amount of silly poses, an example being a teddy bear roll). It’s going to get insane as soon as we start filming so, I thought I’d throw the whole update thing in now, while I can! This blog will be about Which is Witch, Some Girls and a little thing about my brand new podcast series "One on Young" (out 6th Nov).

All the photos provided about 'Which is Witch' are from the pilot by Patrick Robert.

Which is Witch
I improvised all down those stairs about my friend Kevin.
This show is the pilot I did in Paris! I’m going to be working on this till around February 2013. During that time I will be filming 26 episodes, which is a lot of anything to be honest. We have 3 studio spaces to play with so the sets are huge and awesome! It's also being shot in 3d as well which added a different dimension to when I watched the pilot (I'm here all week, and the week after, and the week after, and the..).

This is all a crazy experience as it was September 2011 that I had a casting for the show, so it’s been a long time coming. I just can’t wait to get stuck in. Especially as the scripts are fun and I have some great lines to deliver. I’ve also been given the creative licence to improvise at points, which is absolutely great and about 40% the reason why I had accepted to do the show. The producer has a very creative friendly way of going about things, which makes this whole process so much more unique for me and probably would be unique for about 55% of working actors (a lot of percentages I know but, I’m 44% sure that they are precise).

My usaul face during filming.

My character is called Gilbert. I know, pretty funky name (I would love his last name to be 'Greco'). He started off as a mainly nerdish bit role for every episode. Luckily the producer decided that what I had done with it was good enough (along with my usual contained extravagant self in castings) to develop him a lot more into episodes. He’s mega erratic and very much a genius (I invent so much crazy stuff in the episodes I’ve read so far!) but the defining quality is his motor-mouth quirky ways. He’s going to be fun to play around with over the 26 episodes, especially as I can impro!

There is a song and dance in every episode because they are in a band but, luckily for society (and my impending “dance related” lawsuit), I won’t have to do much of that at all. I’m the band manager/roadie after all (how awesome is that!). I did want to have mutton chops and a denim jacket, but they wouldn’t let me. I’ve also asked to always wear a cape in every episode, but they weren’t keen on that or the Viking helmet (I genuinely have asked).

The producer also allowed me (after I showed several hints of my keen nature towards the writing side of it) to let me sit in the writers meetings for the show. This, without going into too much information for this blog, has been invaluable. To watch writers who have been doing it for over 25 years has been a fantastic asset for a 20 year old aspiring writer like myself. I’ve learnt so much, from the writing process, the brainstorming and the necessity for group thinking and different eyes on ideas and projects. After a few weeks of doing these meetings, I have already changed loads of my older scripts which I had felt were put together eloquently (they really weren’t). I’ve also gained the title of ‘Junior Screenwriter’, which is a crazy honour!
Happy times

I never thought I would actually be in a show like this. I openly admit, I had reservations (I felt this way since I was 16). But just looking at the scripts, the fellow actors (who are fantastic) and the creative accessibilities I’ve been given, I can’t help but think “what’s not to like!” This is a perfect opportunity to hone my craft and get as much on set experience as possible (14 weeks of filming). I’ve never felt as if I’ve learnt/experienced enough so I’m going to grab this with both hands! All I need is for Josie Lawrence (a talented lady who was a big inspiration to do improvisation for myself) to be my Mum in the show and it’ll be perfect!

I probably will find living here for such long periods (9 weeks in Liege, 2 weeks back for Christmas and new year then 6 weeks out again) quite difficult. Especially as I have such a great family and set of friends back home. I’ve only been gone for two weeks (from the time I wrote this) and I’m already missing them. I just wanted to say that I love you all and I can’t wait to see you when I’m back.

If any comfort for those who may miss me, I’m having a great time. I’m finally doing something that I had dreamt about for years upon years, I’m waking up and acting.

Much love to everyone in this photo
Some Girls
Some Girls (a show I did in February) will be out November 6th on BBC Three! I’m in the last episode, which is a right behemoth of a series ender! But, please do watch the first episode as it is a very funny show.

The sneak peek is available here, give it a watch.

One on Young
I was recording during my last two weeks in England for my casual interview style podcast “One on
Young”. These will be released from the start of Some Girls (6th November) and will be available to download for free from Itunes. Without giving too much away, this series has 7 1h average long episodes with my actor/creative type friends. It is filled with: Valuable actor information (an actors approach to a role, the way they think), strange/humorous talky times and the ‘2 Truths 1 Lie’ game. I’ve used the game as a way of the listener to get to know my guest and just the fact that it shows off some improvisation. It’s genuinely fun to listen to and I’m not just saying that. It was a really stressful and yet worthwhile thing to do and I can’t wait to be able to show you them all!
Cheeky Update
Just for those who do visit this blog after the 6th, the link to my podcast is here!

I love being this busy but, by god your gorgeous.


Monday, 16 July 2012

CB News Update, Plus Lion Fighting.

Hello all! It’s been a good few weeks since I last blogged. What I left you with on the last blog was an update about the three projects I was/am involved in. This blog will be used to give minor updates about two projects, as well as a major update on “Celebrity Bitchslap News”. Hope ya enjoy, if not, I’ll punch this Lion till you do

Also, just as a warning to those who like to look at pictures, their will be a lot of pictures in this blog. I guess warning is a bit of a strong word, but I have been working out (yes, I just used wordage to allow me to show my pride in working out. Without showing photos of course, my hands are too greasy from the chips to use the camera).

Minor Update About the Untitled Pilot and Some Girls

Some Girls
Some Girls will be coming out September/October time on the lovely channel of BBC 3. I went to the screening of the 1st and 6th episode (6th episode being the one I’m in). Their is always nerves when watching a show that you’re in, but this s*it was gooood. It’s not something I’d show the older members of my family, but it’s funny!

Also, for the last year and a half I have been compared to Simon Amstell, looks wise and when I do my high voice. I have now finally noticed it after seeing my massive face on a massive screen during the screening (which was a massive mouthful to say out loud). I may of missed the rest of the episode thinking about it, but at least I've noticed it now. Even one of the editors after (watching both episodes) asked if I was related to him… The ****. But I actually really don’t mind (and no, that’s not the same "I actually really don't mind" when a guy finds out his ex has a new bf “No I’m fine, I really don’t mind, I really don't care anymore” *burns photos and cries in corner of bus*). Despite myself, it’s an incredibly lovely and talented cast who will no doubt make you fall in love with them like I have!

Untitled Pilot
I went to Paris (Oooo va doo) to film this and I had a really good time (minus when I thought I lost my ticket to get home on the last day, thank Maoam for spares). It’s always great fun when you do anything with really funny friends, so filming was a blasty blast. I did start to lose my mind from the incapability to talk to most of the extras/crew because of a language barrier, so I created a character called Clarissa. Clarissa is a 52 year old, 4ft 9 lady with a degree in mathematics but has been forced to become my assistant/carer (“I will trip him up for you master, anything for you master”). As well as Kevin, a creepy dopey man with the voice of The Moon from The Mighty Boosh. I can’t imagine how I’ll do from 13 weeks on set (probably lose my mind further and start licking palms), but I am looking forward to it. I got to improvise loads and button up scenes quite a lot. More on that and the incredibly sweet French fans on another blog! (On the ticket story, turns out I had put it in my suitcase and didn’t think to check there. I know.)

Celebrity Bitchslap News
Well, what can I say about this crazy programme. It’s a 20 minute spoof gossip show by BAFTA winning Alison Jackson. I was lucky to be chosen as a co-host alongside ze gorgeous Pips Taylor and Minnie Stephenson. It came out alongside 6 other shows for the Feed Me Funny Exclusives for BBC
Comedy Online.

It’s cool to be doing pilots alongside Rich Fulcher (who is in WTF), Boy with Tape on his Face and the Dawson Brothers. Along with Marek Larwood and Carl Donnelly who are in Impractical Jokers. Not that I'm saying the others that I haven't mentioned aren't talented, it's just those are the people that I know of and like. If you got a problem with that, get in line with the metaphorical Lion I may or may not fight (or train to become my transportation).

Here’s a clip from Celebrity Bitchslap News to wet your appetite. And yes, it may contain bums.

It was good fun to do and the response has been fantastic from family, friends as well as the media. Here are just a few by the Daily Mail, The Sun and Gay Star News.

I may of mentioned it before (I sure have to my friends and family in a moment of uncontrollable pride). But this picture has been a goal of mine for a while.

The goal of course was for me to say the line "Sean to improvise something"
I have replied to most of the twitter comments with nice replies, as I’m a peace keeper! And they replied back with nice things as well, as they are humans with thoughts and opinions to which they are entitled to. The Daily Mail comments (god bless them) are quite funny as well. Gandalf, that's all I'm saying!

Also, something I never actually thought would happen for at least a few years happened, I as well as Pipsie were on the BBC Iplayer homepage!

How crazy is that! And yes, every photo has me in midsentence

If you want to say "nice one" or "good work" or "anything". It really should go to Alison, who was the creator and much deserveth of many nice things said to her as possible. As well as the crew that worked on it, they were hilarious and professional, I’m incredibly happy to of worked with them!
You can also say give praise to Pips and Minnie, but say I sent you (for brownie points purposes). OK you can say them to me as well, you don’t have to be so insistent! I don’t know if we are going to series yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Final Bits and Bobs Worth Mentioning

Trust Us With Your Life
New Impro show by Mark Leveson and Dan Patterson featuring most of the old gang from Whose Line is it Anyway US. It's worth checking out!

Web Series Idea
I'm currently negotiating the idea of doing a tiny web series made up of small 2-6 minute episodes. Will need an actress with comedy capabilities (playing age of 18-23). If you know anyone who can do such a thing, get them in contact with me or direct their CV and Headshot to

Sound Cloud Brown Mound
I have been thinking about doing this idea since I did the 30 day project blog. This idea, is to record myself reading the blogs in a kind of, podcast format. I understand that people either don't have time or just can't be asked to read a huge quantity of writing. I myself am guilty to writing a lot and then slowly losing the will to read it myself! So in doing this, I can maximize the information put out to you while also lessening the demands put to you.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading and supporting me. I do love you so! I hope you have a good week, no matter what week you're reading this on! If you need me, find me on Twitter!

P.S I’d highly recommend the other shows that are available (after watching Celebrity Bitchslap News of course). They are genius! All available on the Feed Me Funny link and here!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

2 Pilots 1 Episode

Well, I know I said “I’ll be doing a blog a week at the least”. It wasn’t a lie, exactly. You see, I went on a canoe trip and for some silly reason, people thought I was dead! What are people like these days! I can’t look my sons in the eye, but still.

My 2011 was a dark time in my eyes. I guaranteed my mum not to worry about me not going to university as I had such a good 2010 (acting job wise). “It’ll surely continue” I proclaimed with hopeful vigour, it did not. I did 3 commercials in 2011. Obviously I’m grateful for being able to do 1 let alone 3, but they were so spaced apart that money was getting really short and my confidence in the arts was starting to crack. With that and a combination of other situations not connected with acting, created a whirlpool of sadness for my opinion on the year of 2011.

November-December hit and I was looking at universities and drama schools along with Open University courses. But, while doing that, I started getting a string of nice auditions and recalls which made me think “maybe 2012 won’t be so mean to Ol’ Sean”. And I was right (I’ll pay you up front Santa, you are in for one hell of a treat!).

I’ve been lucky enough to get 2 pilots and an episode of an upcoming series by Hat Trick Productions (and it’s only May!).To all who have supported me, I love you and will continue to love you. Let’s hope it all continues so I can make you all proud and then be able to give back as much as I can (Crohn’s is getting it in the face!). So here's a little bit more information on what I've been up to/going to be doing in the next few months acting wise.

BBC 3- Some Girls by Hat Trick Productions
I filmed Some Girls on random days during February-March and it was an awesome experience. The crew had a really chilled presence about them, which was matched by their friendlyness and fantastic sense of humour. If the crew became a woman, I'd date her (I couldn't put that any other way). I played a character called Jo who turns up in the last episode (really trying my best to be as unspecific as possible!). I tend to get the broody roles, so this character was a breathe of fresh air for me. He was a really awkward nerd-like dude (they made me use my actual glasses for the character, I was so upset by this definition of my own ocular face wear that I set fire to them in defiance! Should of taken them off first, but still. They got my point, viva la reveloosheon!). Expect this comedy about inner city kids to hit BBC 3 later this year!

'CB News' Pilot
I never really believed I got this until a few weeks before filming. When going into the casting and recall, I had taken the "I'm just going to have fun" approach. I do feel that specific approach is the best way to go about a casting. What's the point of doing any castings if you aren't enjoying them? (Trust me, you have to find it fun as an actor due to the fact that you will be doing hundreds of them!).

This is a BBC 3 pilot that will be going online for now. This show is by a well respected, BAFTA award winning photographer/cinematographer called Alison Jackson. If you see pretty much 3/4 of any humourous celebrity lookalike publication in the newspapers, it will usaully be done by her.

Here’s a simple but brilliant example of her previous work. What I love about this is the Wii Controller in his other hand!

My Dad thought it was just a really green background at first look.
No, I didn’t play a lookalike for Chris Hemsworth silly! I was a mock presenter that sits at a news desk with a gorgeous co-presenter lady called Pips Taylor (who did the documentary ‘I Never said Yes’ as part of the crime season on BBC 3), we then spoke as if the footage we received is real. It was a nice experience to do presenting for a change; I’m starting to think we should all get autocue for life in general!

Also, (a little bit of excitement for my own purposes) I had a lengthy conversation with Geri Dowd who was the studio director for this show and loads of huge panel/impro shows like Whose Line is it Anyway, Mock the Week, Have I Got News for You and Fast and Loose! So yes, I had a huge comedy information splurge about it all. Just so you know, when she spoke about Mark Leveson and Dan Patterson, I did say the line “well if they ever need an improviser…” in a strange voice, to hide the desperation created from the desire to be on one of their shows.

'Untitled' Pilot
I had about 4 recalls and 2 screen tests (from the span of September-March) for this before it was confirmed that I’d be playing a main called Gilbert. It’s just a pilot at the moment (which I will be going to Paris at the beginning of June to film). If all goes to plan and I remain Gilbert after the pilot (huge fingers crossed I will), then I possibly will be away in Paris for 13 weeks to film 26 episodes! What I’ve loved about this process so far is that they let me improvise, even during the second screen test. I did a scene with a character called Jack (played by Tim Lawrence) and we added about an extra 30 seconds to the scene, it was really good fun! Everyone (as clichéd as it will sound) is lovely on this, the jokes were flying about after half an hour of hanging out which is always a good sign. I’ve also been given tiny artistic licence as I’m allowed to impro a little bit on set as well. I’ll see how many euphemisms I can get in without being told off (the kids will love it, if you know what I mean). I’d really like to go into more detail about it but as I said, it’s just a pilot at the moment and even though it looks likely that it will be more then that, I’m still going to play it safe and be annoyingly unspecific as possible. Either way, incredibly grateful to be part of it!

Own Short Film "A Letter of Gratitude"
I have finally made my own short film (directed, edited and produced by Ryan T Watson. Basically, I wrote and starred in it but really I did nothing!). It’s called ‘A Letter Of Gratitude’ and it stars an upcoming talent called Wallis Day. It’s about a boyfriend’s letter to his girlfriend thanking her for putting up with him. That is what it’s about on the outline anyway, if you watch closely and follow what is being said over the narration then it’ll reveal a story within itself! It was loads of fun to do and my house looked like a genuine film set as Ryan brought lighting equipment! This will probably be available for viewing june-july time.

That's right, I gots my own sign. The artist who did this is of course my brother (Twitter @reuillustration)
I’m always looking for interested Actors/Directors//Producers/ Insert funny sounding job title like "ball cleaner" or "tally wiper"/Make up artists/Floor Runners, so if you’re interested in any way shape or form then email with your CV and such.

Thank you to all that have been reading this and supporting me throughout the last 4 years. I can’t say how happy I am to have a really supportive set of family and friends. And to all future engagers in welcoming kindness, I thank you as well. I’ve never really been one to get all emotional/reveal any emotions but it genuinely makes me smile in knowing you guys are around. Hopefully I can do things for you and we can build a better world by finally removing the blood of the blaspheming white people off our shaking han…. I mean umm, bubble wrap for everyone! Also, I know I’m quite hard to get in contact with, I’m not used to being this busy! I go on Facebook about once a week but I’m on Twitter (Click here to take you to my Twitter, I do all the work for you because you look nice in that new t-shirt!) all the time, so find me on that if you don’t have my digitilicleases. 

Goodbye, you gorgeous thing you.